Honey, did you put my KX450F in the dryer?

Honey, did you put my KX450F in the dryer?

This week, a box showed up on my doorstep and I didn’t recognize the return address. Inside was a 1:6 scale dirt bike, and upon first glance I thought it was just another one of those toys that you can buy at the toy store, your local dealer, or even the Parts in the Pits trailer at the track. Then, something caught my eye, just as I dropped the box inside my garage door…it has my number on it! That’s when I opened the box and took the contents out…

Mini Me Moto is a new brand that offers fully customized 1:6 scale replica dirt bikes, which can be made to look just like your own personal race bike. As I opened the box and took the mini Kawasaki out, I honestly got a little creeped out. I mean, first of all, the box came to my home address. Secondly, the bike looks pretty close to the Kawasaki KX450F I favor. That said, I either know someone at the company, or I have a serious Instagram stalker or something. Haha! Either way, the Mini Me Moto is pretty sweet, and it is a great idea for the upcoming holiday season. For $69.95, you can customize the number on the bike, the logo on the radiator shroud, and the logos on the rear fender and stand. How cool is that?

Seeing as how my garage is a complete disaster, full of dirt bikes and bicycles, and my office at work is full of race memorabilia I’ve gathered throughout the past 16 years at TransWorld Motocross, I know exactly what to do with this super-cool mini Kawasaki KX450F. I’m gonna give it to Jagger Craig, since his dad just found out that his 2017 AMA number is 48. That way, Jags will always remember who the original 48 was…

Visit minimemoto.com to order your own!

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