Mobius X8 Knee Brace | Product Report

Price: $599 (pair)
Sizes: S–L
Colors: White / Acid Yellow, Storm Grey / Crimson

What It Is
The Mobius X8 knee brace employs a unique additional safety feature to help protect against knee injuries. In addition to the traditional dual-hinged frame that most knee braces utilize, the distinguishing trait of the Mobius X8 brace is its continuous cable routing system, which employs a heavy-duty stainless steel cable that's routed across the thigh, behind the knee, and around the shin, in a figure-eight pattern. The cable, which can be cinched down very tight, thanks to the soft, comfortable tendon back plate and a billet aluminum spin dial, completely encompasses your knee joint to offer support and protection against injuries caused by twisting and/or impact. The X8 frame is made of a glass-filled nylon, which is lightweight and formfitting. A full-coverage patella cup protects your kneecap throughout your knee's range of motion, and a billet aluminum extension stop can be switched out depending on the extension you may or may not wish for. Ryan Villopoto believed in the technology enough to invest in the company and become a part owner.

• The Mobius X8 brace is lightweight and low in profile. Nothing snags against the inside of your riding pants or your motorcycle's surface.

• Adjusting the brace's fit is as simple as switching out the padding, which is held in place by heavy-duty Velcro. Extra fit pads are included.

• Operating the X8's continuous cable routing system and snugging up the brace for a tight fit is as easy as spinning the dial and fastening the numbered straps in order. Conversely, releasing the cable when removing the brace is as easy as activating the release switch.

Mobius X8 Knee Brace | Product Report

• The Mobius brace encompasses your leg, and thanks to its ability to cinch up super tightly, it provides a heightened sensation of support.

• On the track the brace is comfortable and does not restrict movement. Additionally, it does not slip down or move.

• We're big fans of the patella cup, which offers complete coverage, even when your knee is bent.

• Depending on your level of body fat, the tendon back plate can pinch your skin when cinched down. An under sock helps.

• Larger riders will have to wait for the XL size to be released later this year.

The Verdict
Knee injuries are among the most common in motocross, and it's our belief that all riders should wear knee braces as a preventative measure against injury. The Mobius X8 offers great protection, comfort, and function, and its unique cable support system distinguishes it from the rest.