Best Whip

X Games 2012 Moto X Best Whip went down tonight at STAPLES Center in downtown Los Angeles. The six-minute time frame set the pace for the riders to throw down some innovative and technical whips. The fans chose the winner and it was Monster Energy's Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg defending his title to take home the X Games Gold Medal in Best Whip!

Best Trick
For the second night in a row, Monster Energy's Taka Higashino's signature trick, the Rock Solid Backflip, secured him a spot on the X Games podium. Higashino used the momentum from last nights X Games Gold finish, to return to STAPLES Center and take home Silver Medal in Moto X Best Trick. Fellow Monster Energy athlete, Mark Monea, was unable to land his personal move, the Carry On, a trick he has been known to nail in the past. On top of taking home the Silver Medal, Taka surprised us again and proposed to his girlfriend on live television – Congrats Taka!

X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Best Whip Results
1. Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg
2. Todd Potter
3. Jarryd McNeil

X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Best Trick Results
1. Jackson Strong
2. Taka Higashino
3. Cameron Sinclair

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