Monte Hill

Monte Hill | Raising The Sons

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One of the most unfortunate details of our sport is the idea a promising rider’s career is fueled by the shortcomings of the parents. There are horror stories of fist-fights and screaming matches between fathers at amateur events, tyrannical orders to factory teams, and unreal expectations of success to pay back the cost of chasing the dream. Burned out before their eighteenth birthdays, some fail to make their mark in the competitive professional circles. 

Monte Hill did his best to avoid the same fate with sons Josh and Justin, but he will admit things got tense in the past. A former professional BMX rider and talented racer, Hill has watched the boys rise through the ranks to become some of the most talented athletes in the current era. Both have claimed Monster Energy Supercross victories, rides with elite teams, and are fan favorites in every city. Getting them to this level came at a cost, but there seems to be no vicarious intention when Monte watches the races with his wife and father. 

During our afternoon in the pit area at the 2015 Oakland SX, we nabbed a few minutes with Monte and discussed what it’s like to watch his kids compete alongside the best in the world, advice for current mini dads, and how he is still so gnarly at 47…


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