More On The Nike 6.0 MX Boot

n6_motoboot We chatted with Nike 6.0’s Sierra Domaille this evening, who phoned when we posted the first shots of James Stewart’s exciting new boots this afternoon. To our surprise, Sierra indicated that currently, Nike has no plans of marketing the boot, but rather, will only be supplying them to their two elite motocross athletes, exclusively. She was also quick to fill us in on a few other important tidbits… * Nike created the Nike AIRMX to support its moto athletes Ryan Dungey and James Stewart, by creating an innovative and high performance motoboot. * Nike worked with Dungey from the beginning to conceptualize and design the boot. * Dungey wanted a lightweight boot with an increased amount of feel to the bike. The Nike AIRMX is the lightest boot in the industry and achieves this through the use of innovative materials which reduce bulk. * Dungey contributed hours of testing from day 1, resulting in the final product which will be worn by both Dungey and Stewart during Anaheim 1. * Stay tuned for more info at “I started talking to Nike about a boot at the end of the outdoors in ’08,” said Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider Ryan Dungey. “I’d been with 6.0 for a couple of years now and we had always talked about making a boot, and at the end of ’08 they asked if I would be willing to work on a boot with them. We met with the Design and Innovation team at Nike and looked at all other boots out there and talked about what really is and is not needed in a boot, what works and what doesn’t. We then discussed what it would take to create the ultimate boot.”