MotoConcepts Racing: Budds Creek Report

Spokane, WA (June 18, 2012) – – MotoConcepts Racing pulled into Budds Creek with its team transporter, talented racers, dedicated pit crew, MCR250 and MCR450 race bikes.  The team that seemed like an inconceivable champion sits 2nd overall in the 450 Nationals despite the absence of factory support and/or components; and it can't be more proud.

Near the nation’s capital, Budds Creek in Maryland brings a devoted fan base year in and year out to cheer on riders at a track that typically ranks among one of the racers favorites, including that of MotoConcepts Team Captain Mike Alessi.  With all his success in both the 250 and 450 class, Mike had never stood atop the Budds Creek podium, though he was certain this year would be different.

Alessi, like his Lites teammate Jake Canada, is having a breakout year under the MotoConcepts tent.  Whether the newfound confidence for both riders is a result of the relaxed atmosphere put forth by Team Owner Mike Genova, the ability to be heard and change components of the bike to suit individual riding style or track conditions, the team unity/family atmosphere, or simply knowing that each is the  #1 rider under the tent in their respective class, there is level of enthusiastic professionalism that permeates the MotoConcepts pit area.

When Mike Alessi and Vince Friese take their respective MCR450s off the MotoStand and head to the starting line, they demonstrate to the rest of the highly touted field that what they may lack in factory support, the make up for with testing and bike knowledge.  The MCR450's have proven to have the hard-hitting power to put each rider up front at the start of each race and the durability to finish every moto as strong as on lap 1.

Alessi, while slightly off his usual pace this past weekend, put in great rides in each moto battling with former champion Ryan Dungey to capture his first podium at Budds Creek building upon his amazing year so far.  Alessi sits alone in the 2nd overall position in the series standings while understanding that the season is long, rivals may falter, and his speed can still increase.

Vince Friese, the #59 riders came into the series with little fanfare but that has only motivated the MCR rider, finishing several motos inside the Top 15. Budds Creek did not go as planned for Vince and his high expectations but consistent moto finishes of 18-20 keep Friese inside the Top 20 for the year.

In the 250 class, "Mr. Consistency" Jake Canada continues to be, far away, the top non-factory supported rider.  Jake Canada has shown the speed to beat the factory boys and clearly has demonstrated the racing skill sets separating himself from the rest of the pack.  Battling injuries from a crash the week prior at High Point, Jake Canada did what Jake Canada does, put in fast laps, battle with the factory boys, eat roost, pass riders, pull tear offs from his MotoOptics while moving forward.  With solid moto finishes, Jake Canada earned another impressive 8th overall at Budds Creek.

MotoConcepts Racing and our riders continue to reach new milestones and every track presents a new opportunity to improve.  It may be the atmosphere, it may be passion, and its certainly the riders but MotoConcepts Racing is proving that in a battle of David vs. Goliath, it's the David's that are coming out ahead....and with increased self-confidence and enjoyment.

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