Motocross safety is always an important topic here at Transworld Motocross, and just like many others we are always trying to keep safety in the front of our minds as well as constantly thinking of ways to make our sport safer. This article came across our desk today, and we thought it was excellent to see that the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors passed the motion to proclaim the month of July as "Motocross Safety Awareness Month" in LA County.

July 2015 |

 Antonovich spoke of the matter and made multiple points. "Even the best riders need to be constantly vigilant, revaluate their safety program often, and always inspect safety equipment each time they ride to make sure safety is the highest priority. Riders should wear the latest and most advanced safety equipment, a full helmet, goggles, and other pads and full protection. And finally, all riders, especially beginners – should consider taking a motocross safety course before taking to the track."

 To commemorate this, we will be posting product reports the rest of this month that have direct regards to safety. Be safe out there!

 Excerpt from the news story, originally posted by KHTS in LA County.

"Antonovich is honoring the families of loved ones who tragically died in motocross accidents with this motion and is bringing awareness to the sport and the need for riders to make safety a top priority.

On proclaiming Motocross Safety Awareness Month in Los Angeles County, Antonovich recognized two sets of parents who have experienced the tragic loss of loved ones while motocrossing and who have worked to improve safety awareness to prevent future tragedy, Kathy and Phillip Tarrant and Carrie and Tom Aquino, from the Santa Clarita Valley.

Kathy and Phillip Tarrant's son Cory died at the age of 17 on June 30, 2012 after sustaining fatal injuries in a motocross accident at Piru Motocross Park.

Carrie and Tom Aquino's son Tommy died at the age of 21 on Feb. 2, 2014 after a head-on collision at Piru Motocross Park.

Mayor Antonovich also recognized Amanda Moulton, a journalism student at the College of the Canyons, who has written news stories about the families and works to enhance awareness of this vital issue."