Motool Introduces Slacker Digital Sag Scale

Motool Introduces Slacker Digital Sag Scale

Motool Introduces Slacker Digital Sag Scale

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After two years of intensive development, Motool has released their revolutionary digital sag scale, Slacker. The Motool Slacker was developed with input from industry leading companies like Factory Connection and Pro Circuit and is now endorsed and used by MB1 Suspension.

"To have the Slacker and be able to make these changes so quickly in the morning before I ride is absolutely huge for me!" –Jimmy Decotis, 250 Pro SX/MX

Slacker is an easy to use system that allows a rider to quickly and easily make precise adjustments to their suspension. It is the only tool based on taking the measurement across the arc of the rear axle to consistently deliver the most accurate measurement. This technique is aligned with how the bike manufacturers, as well as major suspension companies, take the measurement. It also works perfectly to setup new generation SFF spring and air forks.

This is the most accurate and versatile sag scale available. It normally takes two people 5 minutes to set sag correctly. With Slacker one person can do it in 2 minutes! It also features a remote display that can be mounted on the bars for easily taking measurements with no need for an assistant. It’s like having a factory suspension tech in your tool box.

Slacker is used and endorsed by many magazines, teams and pro riders including TransWorld Motocross, Dirt Bike Magazine, Motocross Action, GrindMX, ChronicMX, MB1 Suspension, Yamaha Factory Off-Road, MotoWhips, Team Gus, RC Suspension, AEO Powersports, Trail Jesters Racing, Team PR-MX, The Pit, Team Faith, Kailub Russell, Shaun Kalos, Jimmy Decotis, Chris Howell, Grant Baylor, Jessica Patterson, Ben Kelley, John Kelley and Tyler McSwain to name a few.

About Motool: Motool is a startup company from Flagstaff, Arizona, and was founded in December of 2012. We are dedicated to making the best tools and accessories by leveraging the most current and relevant technologies and materials. We strive to make bike setup and maintenance easier and more precise. We currently sponsor over 400 riders in the U.S. For more information on the company and the Slacker digital sag scale please visit