Mototown USA Reopens

Windsor, CT

Mototown USA, America’s largest indoor motocross specific riding facility, reopened its doors for the 09/10 winter season on Dec 12. The opening weekend was very strong and the facility’s visitation has increased steadily every day as more and more riders find out about the reopening. With over 200,000 sq. feet of open riding area, the track offers more of a natural outdoor format that riders are used to, unlike a tight supercross format found in smaller facilities.

Mototown USA is offering Sessions this year, much like a local skatepark, which limits the number of bikes on the track at any one time offering riders more of a quality experience. Gone are the days of 10 minute motos and then sitting around for 90 minutes as you wait for everyone else. And now, much like a Tee time reservation at a golf course, Mototown offers its customers the convenience of making a reservation so they know they wont have to worry about getting to ride when they want. Reservations are not required however, as walk ins are always welcome providing the session has room. Again, this is just a convenience, and many riders are taking advantag of it. Riders are also able to call ahead on their way to the track to check on session availability. Reservations are made online by emailing for a reservation form.

Pricing as been adjusted to reflect affordable packages as well, and so far the riders who have tried it seem to really like it. “By offering sessions we were able to actually lower the prices dramatically over year’s past,” reports Director of New Business Development, David Olcott, “and by limiting the riders per session we are able to offer a much better experience for our guests. Riders are enjoying the convenience of planning ahead and making a reservation – which insures that they get to ride when they want, but even people who just show up get to ride that day since we are usually able to get them in the next session without much trouble. Our mission statement is ‘Everybody goes home happy’ ”

The track and soil became the focus before opening as Mototown used to have a very hard clay surface. This year that was replaced with a sand/top soil mix which allowed the track designers to offer much more of an outdoor layout. The 2 hour sessions are broken up by 15 minute breaks to allow the air to clear and often a groomer will jump on the track and fix rough spots like a zamboni on an ice rink. “We are a far cry from where we want (and need) to be, but we are very happy with the progress so far,” Olcott said, “Everyone on board is committed to seeing this venue succeed!”

Riders have come from as far away as Pennsylvania, Ohio, upstate New York and Maryland, not to mention everywhere in New England. Mototown is primarily a practice facility open Wed-Fri (12-9), Sat (9-9), and Sun (9-6), however plans include a few events and races this winter. Private track rentals are also available and several shops, distributors, and industry manufacturers have already reserved time to entertain their clients for this season.

For more information, check out their web site Mototown USA is located at 1001 Day Hill Road in Windsor, CT. It is just 10 minutes north of Hartford, just off exit 38 on I-91. Call them at 860-919-6711 or email them at