MotOZ Tires Now Available Through Pac Blue Concepts, LLC

MORENO VALLEY, California (February 28, 2014) - Pac Blue Concepts, LLC recently announced the addition of MotOZ off-road motorcycle tires and tubes to their product collection.

MotOZ tires and tubes are now available to order online at Designed and tested under the harshest conditions the Australian Outback has to offer, MotOZ tires offer a new level of performance and value. Their natural rubber construction provides exceptional traction, superior protection from pinch flats and rim dings, and better wear resistance than typical tires.

MotOZ tires work on a unique concept called "Terrapactor®" (terrain compactor), which uses the tread block design and placement to help compact, compress or wedge the terrain creating extra traction, drive and lift. This unique concept coupled with the use of superior natural rubber works to lessen the wear of the tire while providing extra traction. MotOZ tires are made with 100% natural rubber and natural rubber blends. Only natural rubber provides the elasticity, reflex and deflection needed for traction and pinch flat protection in one tire. MotOZ tires come in a full spectrum of styles and sizes to fit every rider's needs.

• Terrapactor series for motocross/supercross

• Tractionator Enduro S/T and I/T for cross-country, enduro, and trail riding

• Tractionatro Desert for hard pack and desert

• Tractionator X Circuit for mixed terrain

• Tractionator Enduro and Desert series are now DOT approved

MotOZ also offers a full line of natural rubber inner tubes from 2mm standard-duty to 3mm heavy-duty and 4mm uber-duty thicknesses. The entire MotOZ line of high-performance off-road tires and tubes is now available for order at Shipping is free when you order two or more tires. Pac Blue Concepts, LLC specializes in products to meet your active lifestyle. The following great products are available 24 hours a day from our online store at Rescue Pegs off-road passenger footpegs, MotOZ high-performance off-road tires, Motto Wear genuine motorcycle jeans, The Hooker universal truck bed hooks, and Illustrait artistic shirts.