MSR’s Wrekless Youth Dominates with 21 Championships

Corona, CA (3/20/12) – Amateur racing, the roots of Motocross. This is where the families put everything on the line in hopes that their child will be the next superstar. We feel the same way here at MSR. Our Wrekless Youth riders traveled to Freestone, Oak Hill and lastly Mill Creek to see if they had what it takes to win, and did they ever.  Over the three weeks of racing MSR riders brought home 21 Championships and a ton of podium finishes. We couldn't be more proud of our guys as this is a huge feat in the world of Amateur motocross.

Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb and Andrew Pierce, which our newest recruits this year, racked up the majority of the wins over the 3 weeks of racing. Martin who dominated the A and Pro classes brought home a total of 7 Championships, Webb who competed in the B and Schoolboy classes got himself 6 wins and Pierce who rides the 85 and Supermini classes racked up 7 championships. We are pumped and glad they are part of the team. Big shout out goes to Daniel Mills on his win in the 450 Nov class as well at Oak Hill.

In addition to those 21 Championships we had a handful of other riders that rode exceptionally well throughout the weeks of racing and brought home some podium finishes. Those riders include Chase Sexton, Luke Renzland, Darian Sanayei, and Derek Drake. Great Job!

The Amateur nationals take a short break before heading to Mesquite for the World Mini's in April. Be sure to follow us on all our Social Media sites for up to date news on Amateur, Pro and Off-Road racing.

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