Trevor Reis, Pine Valley, CA

Sponsors: Motoworld of El Cajon, One Industries, Maxima, Precision Concepts

Trevor Reis surprised many at the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Spring Cup opener at Cahuilla Creek, as the Pine Valley, California native managed to keep professional racer Travis Baker honest in all four of their Pro class motos. Reis' aggressive and fluid riding style was the topic of many trackside discussions, and his first moto win over Baker was downright impressive.

How did today go for you? You were handling it with Baker for a while.

Today was pretty good. I just got on Hondas a few months ago and I really like the bike. I felt good today and I got a good start in the first moto, better than I did in the other three, so I was able to put a gap on him and keep him back there. In the other two motos, I started behind him and just tried to stay with him the best that I could. I couldn't get around him, but today was good. In the last moto, I ended up going down on the fifth lap, but I am pretty happy with it.

Was does it do to your confidence after you see that you can run with someone who finishes in the top-ten in Supercross and outdoors?

It is good. After the first moto, I was pretty pumped and it definitely gets my confidence up. I am getting ready to do Hangtown for the first round of the outdoor Nationals, so to know that I can run at or near his pace gives me confidence going into that.

How many other rounds of the TransWorld series are you planning to do? Is this all just to get you warmed up for the Nationals?

I think I am going to do next week at Pala, because I don't have anything going on.

Will Hangtown be the only National that you will do, or do you have more planned?

I would like to Hangtown and Colorado for sure.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Motoworld of El Cajon for giving me a fresh bike and helping me out, the guys at Maxima, Precision Concepts, Vae, who does all my motors, and Ian at One Industries.