Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile – Adam Cianciarulo

Adam Cianciarulo, 15
Port Orange, FL

Adam Cianciarulo has already made his impact on the amatuer levels of motocross with his numerous national titles throughout the mini classes of the nationals.   The Team Green rider is coming into the new year with a fresh calendar full of national races to add to his list of accomplishments.  As the pits filled up in the morning of the Milestone MX round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series, we spotted several Kawasaki motorcycles with the familiar 92 on the sideplates, one of which was a KX125 signaling another step in progression for the young rider.  Cianciarulo entered the mini class as well as making his race debut on a big bike in the School Boy class at Milestone.

 Today is your first race on the KX125, how has the transition to riding the bigger bike been going?

The transition has been going really good, I am mainly just using it for fun right now and to get my feet wet on it.  I’m just out here having fun and not going for anything specifically and I think it will be cool to race it.  The track is good and I’m liking it.

So if you are racing it for fun, are you going to pursue any titles on the big bike?

As of now I’m still on the supermini for that nationals and it just really depends on when I can hit 120lbs is when I can get fully on to big bikes and once I get there I will get off the minis completely and onto big bikes.  It just depends on when I can get to that , but as of right now I am just on the superminis.


AC set some of the fastest laps of the day aboard his super mini.

Where are you headed after this?

Oak Hill is coming up in the beginning of March, then from there we head to Alabama.  We have qualifiers for Loretta’s, then Mammoth in June.  Then we have obviously Loretta’s and Mini O’s.  It’s going to be a good year for sure.

With all your titles, what would you say your biggest accomplishment is?

The Monster Energy cup was cool.  Just to be in that supercross environment and to be with all those guys in the stadium under the lights and everything like that.  I think it sticks out to me the most and it was definitely nice to win that one.

Cianciarulo says that he is only getting his feet wet aboard a 125, and we should expect to see him at the amateur nationals aboard his familiar super mini.

As one of the top amateurs in the country, have you started looking forward and making plans for your pro career?

I’m riding for Mitch’s team obviously which is amazing, it’s the team I’ve always wanted to be on since I was a little kid. It’s what I’ve been dreaming about and to get on that team is amazing and now I have that first step and it is up to me now and the future is what I make of it.  I think it is going to be awesome.

Who are the sponsors supporting you this year?

Kawasaki, Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Bell Helmets, Scott Goggles, DC Shoes, CTi, Dunlop, obviously God, my trainer Aldon, Renthal, Twin Air and Alpine Stars

AC easily won the Schoolboy class aboard his KX125.