Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Axell Hodges

Axell Hodges, 15
Sponsors:  Fox, DC Shoes, Deft Family and Spy.

The 250F Novice class was dominated by Honda rider Axell Hodges as he put the #96 at the top of every moto in the class, often by a big margin.  He easily clenched the series championship in the 5 rounds he attended.  In the Schoolboy class, he had three moto wins and only once finished outside of podium contention with a lone 4th place.  This gave him enough points to also lay claim to the Schoolboy title.  Axell has a very smooth style on the track and is deceptively fast, looking very comfortable on the bike with very few mistakes.


You just clenched two series titles, what do you think of the competition in the TWMX Race Series?
It’s really fun and there is a lot of good competition every weekend.

Are you thinking of moving up a class?
Not until after Loretta’s.

So your long range plan is to go to Loretta’s, are you going to any of the other amateur nationals?
Yeah, World Mini, Mammoth, Powder Mountain and Ponca.

Will you make it to the next series or will you be focusing on the nationals?
I’m not sure at this point.

How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing since I was 12, my first race was at Mammoth.

How have you done at the nationals?
I got a 4th at Oak Hill last year and that’s pretty much it.

Have you done Loretta Lynn’s yet?
No I haven’t, not yet.  This will be the first time.

What else do you do besides moto?
Ride bicycles, school and all that.