Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Bryce Vallee

Bryce Vallee
Escondido, CA
Sponsors:  Yamaha, Truth MX, Pro Tec, Dr. D, MSR, Pro Taper, Toyota of Escondido, Torco Oils, Applied, and everyone that’s been behind me this season.

Bryce Vallee spent the time during the break in the West Coast Lites series to train and ride to prepare for the final rounds.  The Southern California local is often described as one of the nicest racers in the series and was a consistent finisher in the main events in the very tough SX Lites Class.  Stacked with competition from the factories as well as high budget teams like Pro Circuit, making the main events on a smaller budget is no easy task.  Vallee came out to the Muscle Milk / TWMX race series at Pala in preparation for his return to racing.  In the opening motos  of two separate classes, he rode strong with two moto wins and a runner up spot.  In his final moto of the day, Vallee had a big crash and was unable to finish the race.  We caught up with Bryce earlier in the day to see what he has been up to, but after his crash, his plans will be delayed while he recovers from his injuries.  So while his comments in the interview will be delayed, his positive attitude cannot be denied and thought it was still worth sharing.  We wish Bryce a quick recovery and look forward to his return.

You came out to put in some motos at the Transworld series, what do you think of the race so far?
It’s really good, great turnout and a lot of great riders.  They have the track perfect so it is fun and is a good weekend.
Is it nice to come back to a local race without all the hype and fanfare of a national race?
Yeah, definitely, it is like a breath of fresh air.  With the nationals you are always on the road and traveling and with this you can just hang out at home then make a short drive to the track.  The family is here, it’s good fun, a lot less pressure than having 40,000 fans watching you the whole time.
You’ve been on break while the East Coast series is running, are you looking forward to finishing the West Coast?
Yeah I am, I’m super excited.  It’s been an up and down season so far but I’m getting progressively better each week so I’m pumped.  I just need to get some luck on my side and I think it will be a good last few rounds.
Once supercross is done, are you planning on running the outdoors?
I’m going to do the outdoors on the 450 and as of right now I think I am just doing a selective schedule and then I have a race in Australia that I am going to go do.  I think that is pretty much it for now.  Hopefully I can find some funding and sponsors and get on the road and hit more of the nationals. 
If you do find sponsors are you going to do the full outdoor series?
Yeah, I’m going try to do as many outdoors as I can with the budget I have.  I’d like to do the whole thing.  I like the outdoor riding a little more than the supercross but I am starting to get more used to the supercross.