Garrett Allen, 18

Riverside, CA

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Garrett Allen has been a familiar face at the Muscle Milk TWMXRS for some time now and we were finally able to catch up with the Southern California native to see what his plans are for the year, his riding schedule and to see how far he plans to go in motocross. Allen has a very busy racing and riding regimen this year and it’s all to make a name for himself and to stay relevant in the always competitive Intermediate class. Keep an eye out for the number 424 this year!

So what brings you out to the opening round of the Muscle Milk TWMX Spring Cup?

Racing and good competition! There’s always a good turnout and the use of transponders is great because I get to see what my lap times are at the end of the day.

Do you plan on doing the entire Spring Cup?

I do! Just hoping that none of the rounds conflict with anything personal.

Do you go to School full-time or are you home schooled?

I’m home schooled. I’m a senior now and I’m trying to focus on getting my schooling done so that I can put all of my time into racing.

How long have you been into racing now?

I’ve been racing since I was on 85s in 2007 and I’ve been riding since I was about four.

Do you plan on turning this into a career?

I do! Once I turn pro, I plan on racing 250s for a few years then moving up to 450s.

Do you have any goals set for yourself to accomplish by the end of the year?

Yeah, I want to be a consistent top five intermediate and then I’ll move up to the pro classes next year. I’m an Intermediate already, but I want to be up front more.

You’ve probably had injuries like everyone else, but what brings you right back to your dirt bike?

It’s the only thing that I’m comfortable with and know how to do. I love to have a good day of riding with my friends, doing whips and just showing off (laughs).

Do you have a certain training program or designated  throughout the week?

I try to ride about five times a week at local tracks and workout almost everyday.

Do you do any sort of cross-training?

Yeah, I like to cycle. Road biking is a lot of fun, but I mostly cycle on a stationary at the gym.