Jessie Huntley, 17
Nuevo, CA
Years Racing: 8

 Anyone involved in the Southern California racing scene has undoubtedly spotted the familiar 853 circling the tracks at the front of the races.  Jessie Huntley puts the Kawasaki on the podium regularly and the Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series has had Jessie on the top step several times.  Jessie has a very deceiving style and a consistent pace that keeps him at the front of the races, and with that and his finishes in the series, he has been recruited by Transworld MX to do some testing on the new bikes.  We caught up with Jessie at the fourth round of the series at Milestone MX to learn more about him.

  What is your biggest accomplishment in your years of racing?

I got a third at World Mini and Mammoth when I was in the Novice class and I’ve won the Gold Cup series and other local series, but last year at the World Mini in the 450 Stk B class I was leading for about half the race and ended up fourth, that would probably be my favorite. 


What are your racing plans for this year?

My plans for this year are to do all the amatuer nationals, I will be going to Oak Hill in a couple of weeks, then World Mini, Mammoth and then Loretta’s.  Hopefully I can get some podiums and ultimately get some championships.  I would like to turn pro after Loretta’s.

What do you think about the current state of motocross in Southern California?

It is really good, a lot of the top guys come from out here and a lot of the fast guys from back East usually come out and train during the winter.  It’s tough to beat the weather and all the tracks are good.  All the local series are very competitive so it is good for getting ready for the nationals.

 Who would you like to thank for helping you?

Split Designs, DRD, Shoei Helmets, MSR, Deft Family gloves, Maxima, Matrix Concepts, Transword, Donn, Casey and all the guys from there, Nova Racing, Beaumont Powersports, Eks Brand goggles and of course all my family and friends.

Has being a Transworld Test Rider improved your social standing with the females?

I would say so, after I did the testing videos I got a lot more friend requests on Facebook from a lot of the track girls.  I hope I can use that to my advantage.