Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Kyle Wolack

Kyle Wolack, 20
Mission Viejo, CA
Years racing: 8
Sponsors: Thousand Oaks Powersports, Monster Energy, Kawasaki, Toyota of Escondido, Race Tech, O’Neal, Shoei, Oakley, Maxima, Factory Backing, Asterisk, Hinson, Renthal, Dunlop, Braking, RK Excel, Truth Soul Armor, Works Connection, KW Construction

Kyle Wolack has been a staple in the Southern California motocross scene for several years and has competed in the major amateur nationals in recent years.  After a long break, we spotted the Kawasaki rider at the final rounds of our TWMX Muscle Milk race series, so we thought we would catch up with Kyle to see where he’s been.


You are just returning from injury, can you tell us what happened?
I just came off of an ACL reconstruction surgery, I literally just tipped over in a turn and tore my ACL.  I had a cadaver tendon ACL replacement, meniscus repair, MCL, pretty much the whole knee.

This is your first race back and you turned pro, can you tell us what your plans for the year are?
For my first race back I came out to the Transworld Comp Edge  race, it’s been a good two days of racing but my goals are to continue racing pro and qualify for Loretta’s, race the World Mini Grand Prix, qualify for Ponca then on to race Loretta’s.  That’s the main goal but we will take it weekend by weekend and get ready for each race.

What’s your biggest racing accomplishment so far?
My biggest accomplishment would be in 2008 when I won the 250F Stock Novice championship at Lorettas.

What other activities do you do besides racing?
I really like road biking a lot but I don’t do too much other than ride my dirtbike and train for racing.  My girlfriend and I go horseback riding which is fun and when summer comes around I will be going to the beach and getting into watersports.  For now though I am keeping it motocross related.

Coming out to the last two rounds of the TWMX Muscle Milk Race Series, what are your thoughts about the races?
This whole Transworld series is cool.  I look at all the videos and updates so I’m pumped to be able to come up and race it.  The track was awesome up here at Comp Edge, I like how it’s ran, Transworld has been in the motocross industry a while now and they know how to run a race so it’s good and I’m enjoying it.  The pro competition isn’t too stacked but with the amateur nationals going on I didn’t anticipate there to be too many guys.  I look forward to the next series.