Meghan Rutledge, 16
Picton, Australia
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Meghan Rutledge made the journey from Australia to Southern California to get some experience racing in the US as well as work towards racing the WMA Outdoor Championship for 2012.  Racing two classes both days, Rutledge surprised many with her speed and consistent riding in both classes, including her competitors in the Schoolboy class where she went 3-3 for 3rd overall on Saturday as well as another 3rd in one moto on Sunday.  Her performance on the track had many people wondering who the long blonde haired rider was.

How long have you been riding and racing?
I’ve been riding since I was 3 and I started racing when I was 4.

Is this your first time coming to the US and racing?
Yeah, I arrived a week ago and I’ve been just riding all the different tracks, then I was talking to the guys they asked “Why don’t you do the races?”  I said OK, I’ll give it a go and come out here and see what everything is like.

What classes do you normally ride back in Australia?
I race in Under 19’s and Women’s.

Are you planning on coming back over and doing more racing?
I hope to get over here for a few rounds of the AMA Women’s Outdoors.

How is that looking at this point?
Yes, there’s been further talk since I’ve been over here, so I hope it all comes through.

Even though you don’t have much comparison to other races over here, what do you think of the Transworld Race?
Well, it was definitely very different coming over from Australia, like the two gate drops and things like that.  I thought to myself  ‘What are they doing, they’re putting two races out there at once?’  It makes it real interesting and I was real nervous to start off with and not sure how it was going to work out, but it’s been heaps of fun.  It’s a well run race meeting.

What’s your biggest racing accomplishment?
My first year as Senior back home, that’s when you turn 16 and step into the Senior ranks and I won my first Women’s National.  I’ve also won state titles against the boys and my last year in Junior I came in 2nd against the 15 year old boys in the 250 class.

What do you do outside of moto?
I do a lot of swimming.  When I was at school I played a lot of soccer, football, softball and volleyball.  I sort of just love sports and give anything a go.