Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile: Nick Paluzzi

Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Profile:  Nick Paluzzi
Nick Paluzzi
Riverside, CA

The upcoming national at the Lake Elsinore MX track brought out some of the local pros looking to check out the track under race conditions.  Nick Paluzzi was injured in the Supercross season and has only been able to make the Thunder Valley round of the Nationals thus far as the season winds down.  The pro motos during the day were all very competitive with many battles throughout the field.  In spite of bike problems, and also riding a bike that was set up completely different than his own, Paluzzi kept going through the day to get as much time on the track as he could.  We stopped by to talk with Nick in between races to hear his thoughts on the race and his upcoming plans.

Good to see you Nick, did you come out to get ready for the upcoming national here?

Yeah, TransWorld‘s races are always fun, and it was at Elsinore, so I figured why not race it?

Are you going to try to make any of the other outdoor series races besides Lake Elsinore?

No, all the other ones are so far away that Elsinore is the only one I will be able to attend.


Coming out to a race like this, is it like getting back to your amateur days?

Yeah, I feel like I am an amateur again with all these little 50 guys, 60 guys, it’s kind of cool to come back to it.  It’s like coming back to your roots and I’m having a good time out here today.

Is it a more fun coming to one of these races with less pressure than a National?

It’s definitely a lot more fun and I get to ride Donn’s bike at the same time.

Do you have any plans for next year?

As of right now, no, I don’t.  I broke my scapula in Supercross and I am just trying to recover from that.  We will see how Elsinore goes, hopefully do really well here and see if I can get something going for next year.

This is the second time I’ve seen you have to race Donn’s bike.  Do you just like his bike?

(Laughs)  I do. Who can’t like his bike?  I try to work on my own bikes and sometimes they tend to break, which is the case today.  My bike broke and I had nothing to ride, so I figured I would hop on Donn’s and I fell (sorry about that Donn).   Yeah, I just fell over.  I’m going to do one more moto on it so it should be good.