Taylor Matcham, 14

Riverside, CA

Sponsors: Yoshimura, Hinson Clutch Components, Spy, Cycra, Answer, Works Connection, Nost Suspension, 6D Helmets and my mom and step-dad.

Taylor Matcham is another racer that’s been attending the Muscle Milk TWMXRS since the beginning and he’s been improving tremendously ever since. Now a top Novice rider, Matcham hopes to make the transition to the ever-competitive Intermediate class by the end of the year. With support from his step-dad and a seemingly never ending schedule of riding, Matcham’s goal seems to very realistic as his speed increases every day.

How did you get into dirt bikes?

My mom and dad got me a bike for my third birthday and motocross has been in my life ever since.

How long have you been racing now?

A long time (laughs). It’s probably been about 11 years now.

How long have you been attending the Muscle Milk TWMX race series? And what do you think of them?

We’ve been coming to these races for two years. Basically, since they started. I love them! The competition is great and the schedule is great without an intermission or anything to hold everyone up.

Do you participate in any other sports? Maybe something to perfect your riding technique.

I do a little bit of BMX and I also do downhill mountain biking, but other than that, that’s about it.

How far do you want to go in motocross?

I want to go all the way and turn this into a paying career. I want to be like James Stewart!

Do you have any goals set for yourself to accomplish by the end of the year?

I’m racing in the Novice class now, so by the end of the year I plan on moving up to Intermediate.

Do you have a particular riding schedule or training program?

I try to ride everyday and cycle at least once a week with my stepdad.

Despite all of the injuries that everyone faces because of motocross, what is it about the sport that keeps you coming back?

It’s hard to put it into words. But, to put it simply, it’s just awesome. There is just something about it.