Muscle Milk TWMX Race Series Rider Profile: Shane McElrath

Shane McElrath, 19

Canton, NC

Troy Lee Designs/Mav Tv/Honda, Red Bull, Luca Oil, FMF, Oakley, Alpinestars, Adidas, Specialized, Fasthouse and God.

At round two of the Muscle Milk TWMX Summer Cup, a very familiar number 87 attached to a TLD/MavTV/Honda hit the track for an early morning practice. After a few seconds of spectating we immediately recognized the riding style to belong to the recently injured Shane McElrath. We caught up with McElrath to talk about the spinal injury he suffered not long ago and when his near future return to the national circuit.

You’re back to riding now. So how long have you been back at it?

I’ve been back riding for a little more than two weeks, now. I wasn’t really able to do much while I was out, so I was pretty anxious to get back and I ended up jumping back into riding really quick. I’ve just started pounding everything out trying to get back to my normal everything.

Specifically, what did you hurt?

It was just tissue damage in my back as well as nerve damage. All of that was causing a lot of fluid to build up in my back so I’d have to get it drained every once in a while. Now, I’ve been having to go to the chiropractor pretty regularly just for the nerve problem.

Was that a pretty scary thing having to deal with nerve damage in your back?

No, not really. The only thing that made it difficult for me was if I were to make a movement that I normally wouldn’t make, I could feel it immediately. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to move my legs, but it’s not that bad because I now know what will happen with specific movements, so it’s somewhat avoidable.

You’ve been out to past Muscle Milk TWMXRS rounds before. What do you think of them?

I think they’re pretty awesome! This is just like a local race back home. You get a good turnout and we don’t get the chance to do these that often anymore, so they’re always fun. It’s good to head out to a local race every once in a while because the competition is always different. I definitely miss the laid back amateur stuff!

When will you be able to line up for a national again?

Millville was up in the air for a little bit, but we decided to skip that one, so I’ll line up at Washougal. So roughly about two more weeks.

Any expectations for Washougal?

Nope! Just keep working during the week. Now, for me, is like a rerun of last year because I’m coming into it as a newbie and everyone else has been at it for a while. The only difference now is that I’ll be lining up at one more race. I’m just going to go out, have fun and try not to worry about anything else. I know that I have some experience from last year and I kind of know how things work now. I’m just excited to get back out and I want to be up front with those guys.