MX Inspiration For Bieber Merch

Heavy 80s Era Influence

INSTAGRAM | @justinbieber

After we hit publish on all of the other work we do for the website, we tend to cruise the web for other things we’re interested in like bicycles, music, skate, etc. So imagine our surprise when we saw showed early images of the upcoming merchandise collection for Justin Beiber’s upcoming tour of stadiums around the world. It’s pretty damn clear that the designers of the apparel took hints from the 80s era of motocross and uh, re-imagined, some iconic logos to fit the bill. Now look, we’re not bashing Beiber because MX has a huge influence on streetwear (Adam Cianciarulo was used as a source for an old feature on High Snobiety regarding the topic) but just wanted to point out some of the similarities. And if you want some of this merch, you’re going to have to hit a show in person…