MX3 and EMX3 FrenchRound at Castelnau de Levis

CASTELNAU DE LEVIS (FRANCE), 11 April 2008 – Second event for FIM MX3 World Championship and EMX2 European Championship will take place in Castelnau de Levis, France this weekend. The first event in Talavera de la Reina was full of emotions and fresh motivation before the new season. It was one of the reasons for many injuries that happened during the race. As we could see on the first event, there are many riders who can reckon to be the top three. After one event it is hard to predict who are the biggest favourites, especially because of many new riders, who already surprised their rivals on the previous weekend. That actually happened in both categories. French Husqvarna rider Tomas Allier took the victory in the MX3 World Championship, while Spanish rider Jose Antonio Butron Oliva from Italian Yamaha Gariboldi team clinched his first victory in the EMX2 European Championship.


Thomas Allier will be on the gas this weekend at his home track at Castelnau

This weekend the French organizer expects more than 120 riders in both categories. Castelnau de Levis will welcome all the best riders from the first event. In the FIM MX3 World Championship there will be French riders Tomas Allier and Christophe Martin, who will have a big support from their home fans. But here are also strong Belgian riders Sven Breugelmans and Kristof Salaets, Czech riders Jan Zaremba, Martin Zerava, Italian Cristian Beggi and many other riders who are capable to finish inside the top three. Yves Demaria, MX3 World Champion 2007 was also planning to compete on his home race, but he is still recovering after a bad injury, that happened a month ago at a local race in France.

In the EMX2 European Championship young French KTM rider Valentin Teillet this time will be even stronger, with the help of the French crowd. Spanish rider Jose Antonio Butron Oliva will not have an easy work to repeat his success from Spain, but he already made his rivals aware of his presence, being in good form and ready for good results.


15.00-15.45: Qualifying practice EMX2 Group A

16.00-16.30: Qualifying practice EMX2 Group B

16.45-17.25: Qualifying practice MX3