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"FIM Motocross World Championship" video game by Black Bean Games

FUNCHAL (PORTUGAL), 16 June 2010 - Youthstream, the FIM Motocross World Championship promoter, proudly announced today an exclusive and long-term publishing deal with Black Bean Games, the leading videogame publisher, to deliver the ultimate and extreme Motocross experience on console and PC.

Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, stated: "We are delighted with the agreement made with Black Bean Games, this is another important step in bringing our sport global. Black Bean Games' experience, know-how and technology will provide fans with the possibility to really take part in the FIM Motocross World Championship via game."

"Following our long history of motorbike racing games, we thought something was missing in the overall market segment, the extraordinary fun of a spectacular off-road championship on two wheels", said Fabrizio Vagliasindi, Strategic Corporate Coordinator of Black Bean Games. "The FIM Motocross World Championship is the fastest growing motorsport discipline in Europe. Adrenaline, Fun, Mud, Engines, Motorbikes...the best ingredients for Milestone and Black Bean Games".

FIM Motocross World Championship is being developed by Milestone, the largest Italian developer studios focused on the racing genre and very well known internationally for the creation of some of the greatest motorsport competitions videogames, such as SBK World Superbike Championship and WRC World Rally Championship.

Motocross is an off-road discipline that combines many key factors of sports such as passion, emotions, skills, thrills and adrenaline, offering an exclusive mix of excitement, glamour and fervid competition. These elements, together with all the real tracks and riders, will be part of the official videogame. Straights, corners, jumps, slides: there is nothing smooth about Motocross but riders are there to shape it up. The ending is always a surprise. This is why bike enthusiasts get excited, and this is why gamers will love the videogame.

FIM Motocross World Championship is scheduled for release in 2011 and will be available on PlayStation®3, Xbox360® and PC. The Black Bean Games videogame will allow gamers to go through both the MX1 and MX2 World Championships, as well as exclusively challenge the Motocross of Nations, the massive worldwide annual event!

About Black Bean Games*

Founded in 2004, Black Bean Games is the videogames publishing arm of the Leader Group ( Leveraging 20 years of market expertise and knowledge, Black Bean Games relies on a strategy focused on original IPs and strong licenses to create unique videogame experiences in order to globally release products for all home and portable console systems and PC. The actual philosophy adopted by Black Bean Games focuses its releases in 2 main areas: Racing and Family & Lifestyle. The catalogue can satisfy a wide range of target audiences and different platforms users. The 2010 line-up is a real breakthrough across the International industry, thanks to the new strong IPs based on prestigious licenses such as NatGeo Quiz!, NewU Fitness First, SBK®, Superstars V8 and the exclusive WRC World Rally Championship. For further information about Black Bean Games and its products please visit

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About Milestone

Founded in Milan in 1996, Milestone S.r.l. is the biggest Italian developer and it is recognized worldwide as the leading Italian developer of interactive entertainment software specialized in racing videogames. In 2002 Milestone S.r.l. became part of the Leader Group. An obsessive desire for quality combined with an elaborate attention to detail have always been the trademarks and philosophy of the company. SBK® Superbike World Championship series is a clear example. Milestone is developing products for home consoles and PC such as the Official World Rally Championship videogame.
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