The challenge that awaits riders this weekend at what may be the final Southwick National ever is nothing to take lightly. There is no mulch or clay mixed into the soil; just lanes of sand winding through the trees and hills. Momentum is key at the ‘Wick and the only way to hone the proper technique is by finding a place that is similar and putting in enough laps to callus your hands. A number of racers, including Justin Brayton and Zach Osborne, have taken to Club MX’s Mid-Atlantic playground and the massive sand track that winds through the South Carolina countryside. Matt Wozney of MXPTV headed to the track yesterday and filmed Brayton, Osborne, Kyle Peters, Alex Martin, and Phil Nicoletti hammering out motos in the rain then sent the video our way.

If you don’t already, you should follow Wozney and Matt Rice on Instagram as they follow the Nationals behind the wheel of the MXPTV rig. The sights they see make you feel like you’re on a three-month long vacation.

Club MX With Osborne/Brayton/Martin/Peters/Nicoletti