MYPLASH Teams up with Motocross Champions Brian Deegan, Trey Canard and Josh Grant to Offer Branded, Prepaid Cards for Teens Consumers Get Access to Exclusive Signed Gear, Discounts and Contests

Los Angeles, Calif., January 07, 2009 – MYPLASH VisaĂ' Prepaid Cards, the largest teen branded prepaid card company in the world, launches its motocross series, featuring award-winning athletes Brian Deegan, Trey Canard and Josh Grant. The company, which features the hottest recording artists, action sports athletes and lifestyle brands, also offers exclusive signed gear giveaways, hot deals and contests. Prepaid cards bearing images of superstar freestyle rider and Metal Mulisha founder, Brian Deegan ("The General"), Motorcross Lites and Supercross fan-favorite, Josh Grant and Supercross champion, Trey Canard are now available at major retailers nationwide and online at

"I'm excited to be a part of this MYPLASH partnership," says Brian Deegan. "These cards have a lot of cool features and promos for our fans, and it seems only natural to have the motocross industry involved. I think it's a great way to connect to the fans on a new level.”

The motocross series of cards offer the holder not only an exciting action shot of some of their favorite stars, but also a wide variety of discounts on items such as posters and apparel. Cardholders will also enjoy the opportunity for chances to win autographed gear, photos, promotional items and more from their motocross favorites. In addition, every MYPLASH card comes with added incentive of access to exclusive news and information, tons of contests and insider events for all brands supported by MYPLASH.


MYPLASH is the pioneer for teen personal finance, and makes it easy for parents to monitor their teens' spending, while teaching them about saving, budgeting and overall financial responsibility. With a healthy financial dialogue created between parents and their teens, talking about spending wisely becomes a much easier and more efficient process. For parents, MYPLASH takes the uncertainty out of where their teens' money has been spent with 24/7 access to their account at Not to mention, MYPLASH can be used anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide, and is extremely easy to reload at any of the thousands of retail locations that sell MYPLASH, online at, at thousands of Visa ReadyLink locations, and via Direct Deposit.

"We believe that a new generation of financially responsible teens and young adults will emerge through the use of MYPLASH, as it is the only product with a core youth lifestyle connection that also provides parents an invaluable tool to manage youth spending," said Danny Klein, President, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Plastic Cash International, LLC.

Co-branded with Visa, and sold exclusively through Blackhawk Network in thousands of retail locations nationwide, MYPLASH has separated itself from competing prepaid cards with unparalleled retail distribution, product offerings and consumer loyalty, as well as establishing a way to connect with the upcoming generation. As teens continue to turn to online outlets for their shopping, banking and gaming, MYPLASH will help to make these activities and purchases safer and easier by maintaining all the advantages of using cash or a checking account, without the associate risks. MYPLASH cards are not linked to personal bank accounts or sensitive information, therefore eliminating overdraft fees, negative balance charges and the risk of identity theft.

With exclusive branded content and discounts, MYPLASH truly connects with teens in a "cool" and relevant way, filling the void long left empty in this market. For parents, MYPLASH finally delivers increased security and convenience, with a fresh way to get kids to pay attention to and manage their finances.


Plastic Cash International, LLC, founded in 2004, is the largest teen branded prepaid card company in the world, focusing on the development and strategic marketing of prepaid card programs to teen, young adult and unbanked consumers. Plastic Cash International’s revolutionary MYPLASH Visa Prepaid Card Program features the hottest recording artists, action sports athletes, and lifestyle brands – all tied into exclusive discounts, promotions, and content tailored specifically for the teen and young adult market. MYPLASH Visa Prepaid Cards give parents the ability to manage their teens’ spending in a convenient, secure, and “cool” way, while providing tools to teach financial education, fiscal responsibility and budgeting. Find out more at