New CV4 High Tech Gold Thermal Film

CV4’s new High Tech Gold self-adhesive thermal film is a state of the art gold/bronze foil film that has a fantastic carbon-fiber composite look. It features a reflective foil face, core material that is good to 12000 degrees, and face material which protects up to 8000 degrees while reflecting up to 7500 degrees of radiant heat. Apply to gas tanks to keep your fuel from boiling and causing vapor-lock or to air boxes, dry-sump tanks or body plastic that comes in close proximity to your exhaust or anywhere else you need to reflect radiant heat. Help lower intake air temperatures, increase horsepower, decrease fuel consumption, while adding some significant bling to your ride! CV4 High Tech Gold thermal film easily forms to all contours and is easy to cut, install, and repair. Its aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive means maximum strength and tear-resistance, all in a lightweight package. This CV4 thermal film is lighter than most reflective foils with a weight of just 1.83 oz. per sq. ft.

Retail priced at $53.34 per 1’x2′ sheet

CV Powersports

42 High Tech Blvd.

Thomasville, NC USA 27360