Yuba City, CA, March 2008: As revolutionaries in the war for easier and better air filter care and maintenance, No-Toil has toppled another “regime” with their latest assault on the air flow inhibitor commonly known as: the backfire screen. No-Toil Super-Flo Filter Kit is now the weapon of choice when looking to increase throttle response and horsepower by removing the backfire screen.

Backfire screens are manufactured into the filter cage to prevent hot sparks, generated from a backfire, from igniting the foam air filter. For years, racers have nervously cut the backfire screens out of their stock filter cages in an effort to allow more air flow and thus increase horsepower. The No-Toil Super-Flo Kit is a complete replacement for your OEM filter and cage assembly. Included in the Super-Flo Kit is a super-strong, high-density polymer filter cage with no backfire screen that will allow the maximum amount of air to flow freely to the intake. Also included, is a top quality, 2-stage, FLAME RESISTANT, foam air filter. The foam is specially treated to resist flames and sparks and will not hold a flame, so sparks be damned and backfire all you want, this filter won’t burn. Oh, and you know that OEM filter cage screw that feels “oh-so-good” on your fingers? We replace that, as well, with the all new No-Toil “Filter Cage Screw Thingy”, that provides maximum holding power with user-friendly ergonomics.

The Super-Flo Flame Resistant Filter comes pre-treated with No-Toil Biodegradable Filter Oil, so you’re getting all the benefits of the greatest air filter maintenance system in the world: stops the dirt, increases horsepower, and cleans up super easy. To provide even more protection against fire, the No-Toil filter oil is plant based, and has a much higher flash point than petroleum based filter oils. So, you’re double protected. Also, the Super-Flo Flame Resistant Filter also carries No-Toil’s famous ONE YEAR FILTER WARRANTY.

The Super-Flo Filter Kit has a suggested retail price of just $79.95 and comes in eight models with applications for CRF, RMZ, KXF, YZ, WR and KTM. Competing products, that don’t offer the No-Toil filter oil system, range from $119 to $229.

No-Toil Industries spokesman, Scott Oakes, states: “If you want more horsepower by taking out the backfire screen, then I suggest you install a Super-Flo Filter Kit. First, you’ll save a lot of hard earned moolah makuhah. Second, you can tell backfire sparks to kiss your ****; and third, you’ll get better throttle response and more horsepower.”