ODI Controlled Flex Technology Podium Handlebars | Product Report
Price: $129.95

What It Is

ODI is best known for changing the way we think about motocross grips with its patented Lock-On motocross grip, but it also has a wide selection of excellent handlebars to choose from, too. The strongest and most durable of them all is the Controlled Flex Technology Podium Handlebar, which is made of 2014-T6 Aluminum and boasts a patented crossbar design that allows the handlebar to flex. Inside the CFT crossbar is a small elastomer, which compresses as the crossbar expands, allowing the main handlebar to flex on impact.


Available in six bends (we prefer the McGrath for its flat rise and minimal sweep) and six different colors, finding a Podium bar to suit you is a cinch.

The left side of the handlebar is knurled for traction against glue-on grips, but seeing as how ODI is the inventor of Lock-On grips, why would you run anything else?

The latest CTF Podium bars got a new magnesium-colors crossbar clamp that has that "works" appearance.

The CFT Podium handlebar absorbs engine vibration and impacts from landings and G-outs like a crossbar-less handlebar, thanks to the elastomer-equipped CFT crossbar.

Made from 2018-T6 Aluminum, the Podium bar is strong and quite resistant to crash damage.


We like the colored crossbar pad ends, but wish the overall size of the pad were thicker.

The Verdict

There are two big players that immediately come to mind in the motocross handlebar game, but ODI certainly deserves consideration when it comes time to replace your bent stock bars. The CFT Podium bar is strong, comfortable, and looks good, too.