OGIO Reveals Promising Economic Forecast


BLUFFDALE, Utah (October 15, 2009) – Wall Street is not alone in celebrating record numbers this week. OGIO, the design leader of action sport, travel and professional gear bags, also revealed some staggering figures from its Action/Professional/Sports division that shines a promising light on the company's coming year.  Currently, the division's pack, laptop and hard goods "futures" – orders placed for first- and second-quarter 2010 delivery – are up more than 200% compared with the 2009 futures order season.
Mark Kuryak, the company's Global VP who took the division helm early this year, attributes this explosive growth both to internal and external factors. "We revamped our entire collection by adding an unprecedented array of colors and styles, and created a new category in motor sport hard goods.  Deeper than that, though, we retooled our concept-to-delivery process with a laser-sharp focus on core products and markets."
Specifically, Kuryak attributes the surge to three key categories: professional/sport packs; messenger/laptop bags; and motor sport soft and hard goods.
"Today's consumers are more discerning than ever. They want backpacks, messenger bags, and even sport-specific gear that meet their high standards for both style and performance. As a result, attentive retailers – especially in the sporting good, specialty, consumer electronic and college markets – increasingly are relying on OGIO because we surpass all their criteria."
The company's motor sports success comes courtesy of the new patent pending StepUp Ramp, which received "The Coolest Product of the 2009 Indy Motorcycle Dealer Expo" Award.  Sales of the StepUp, as well as the 180ْ Stand and a new Street Bike bag collection, have helped OGIO tap into a greater percentage of this $50 billion market.

An expanded sales team, as well as new international distributors, is expected to help further the company's success in the coming months and entire 2010 year.  OGIO also will reveal new pack designs and new innovations for its 2010 Back-to-School.Fall.Winter collection, launching this November.
For more information about OGIO's sport, laptop, golf, travel, professional, and motor sports products, visit www.ogio.com.

OGIO International, Inc. is an award-winning global leader in gear bag design, recognized for its athlete-inspired technology. The privately held Utah Company, founded in 1987, distributes products nationally and internationally under the OGIO brand name, and operates an original equipment manufacturer division to produce gear bags for other internationally known brands.  In 2004, OGIO’s design team received the coveted Business Week IDEA Award for design excellence. The brand’s collection includes an extensive line of athlete-designed golf bags; back packs; snow, skate and surf packs; school packs; motocross bags and hard goods; messenger bags; and other active gear. For more information, visit www.ogio.com.