Old School Night on DMXS Radio

Malcolm Smith - John & Jack Penton - Danny LaPorte and Todd Huffman on DMXS Radio Tonight!

DMXS Radio has been covering our beloved sport for over a decade and we've always had a true respect and reverence for the history of motocross and the true pioneers and riders that have paved the way. Tonight's show is dedicated to bringing one of those stories to the big screen.

John Penton was one of the most influential men in the success and development of motocross during its genesis in the 1960s and '70s. John was a national champion rider and went on to develop the legendary brand that carried his name. In 1967, KTM only produced bicycles and mopeds until John took his dream and lightweight designs to them in Austria. The world of motocross and off-road racing would never be the same. We're honored to welcome Mr. Penton on the show tonight for a walk down memory lane and recognize his contributions to racing that still reverberate even today.

Malcolm Smith is synonymous with several generations of off-road riding by starring in the cult classic motorcycle movie, "On Any Sunday." The iconic scenes in that movie helped launch off-road riding across the country and was instrumental in the explosion in popularity here in America. Malcolm was already an accomplished racer at that time and continues his MSR brand some forty-one years after their start. We look forward to catching up with one of the sport's true legends.

Jack Penton was fortunate to have one of the coolest dads ever growing up and shares a spot with him in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame for his own impressive racing career and contributions to the sport. It's never easy trying to live up to a legend's name on the back of your jersey, but Jack did so on the track and as an integral part on the business side, too. Having two generations on Penton's on the show tonight covers a lot of dirt and years and we're pleased they could both join us.

Danny LaPorte raced Penton motorcycles early in his storied career and will give us some insight on the dynamics and issues with bucking the trend and riding one of the rebel upstart bikes. Danny was a world champion and a member of the first US winning MXdN team and was quite aware and a huge part of the transition happening in the sport. Danny has been on the show several times and always makes for a great interview.

Todd Huffman from Pipeline Digital Media is one of our sport's true sentinels and continues to amaze us with his never-ending desire to reach back into the past and recognize the heroes on whose shoulders we stand. The Motocross Files series is the video guardian of some of those stories and further demonstrates his passion for the sport. His prism is now focused on telling "The John Penton Story" and needs our help to do it.

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