Johnny O'Mara and Kyle Lewis on the Pulpmx Show Tonight!

This week on the always exciting Pulpmx Show, we're going old school as we have former national, supercross and MXDN champion Johnny O'Mara and Japanese champion/privateer hero Kyle Lewis on the show tonight!

Join hosts Steve Matthes and Kenny Watson after your Memorial Day holiday is all wrapped up as we talk to both of these guys about the just completed USGP, their careers, when O'Show met Watson back in the day and how Lewis helped Matthes launch his mechanic career.

You're also going to have the chance to talk to O'Mara, Lewis, Watson or Matthes by calling in to (702) 586-7857 tonight. Have something on your brain for one of the above people? Feel free to pick the phone up and bring your best questions.

What you'll want to do is visit tonight at 6PM PST/9PM EST and click on the show banner. That will take you to the live stream of the show and that's where you can also text-chat with other listeners or download the Ventrilo program, plug in your headset and you can voice-chat with others.

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You can access the show archives on ITunes as well as the archive will be up the next day on

So be in front of your computer tonight at 6PST/9EST for an entirely new way to get your moto information. See you there!

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Tune in tonight!

Tune in tonight!