ONE Industries Announces RIDERS F1RST

ONE Industries Announces RIDERS F1RST Featuring David Bailey

The inaugural RIDERS F1RST event featuring David Bailey was held on Friday night to celebrate the Icon and introduce a new program by ONE Industries to provide help for injured riders.

This year's event was held at Oakley world headquarters in southern California and brought together key figures in the industry as well as some of the most successful riders in the world. The evening celebrated David's achievements and raised awareness and money for a good cause.

RIDERS F1RST is a charitable organization established by ONE Industries to provide support to athletes who have suffered career-ending injuries and are in need of substantial help. With the help of David Bailey, the goal is to find these people and address their needs with the money raised by the program to make a big difference in their lives.

ONE Industries will produce a limited run of 300 complete sets of racewear including a helmet, jersey, pants, and gloves. The first ten sets of gear were offered to the highest bidders in a silent auction at Friday night's event, with the winning bid on the #6 set hitting $10,000!


Neil Calvesbert, CEO of ONE Industries said "The event was a great starting point for RIDERS F1RST, we got the ball rolling with David and this is something we will continue to drive forward. We all know the big name riders who get hurt but there are so many more riders at all levels that need a helping hand. The gear got a great response not only at the event but also when Ivan Tedesco wore it at Anaheim on Saturday. I want to thank David Bailey for helping us turn this idea into a reality and everyone who supported the event, Oakley, Racer X, Red Bull, Todd Huffman, Chris Williams and all of the athletes and industry people who came together despite the terrible weather last week".

David Bailey adds, "Everything ONE industries does is carefully planned and well executed, but this project is their best yet. I’m honored they revived the 1986 florescent gear, but more honored to have a platform to help those who are and have been suffering." He continues, "I’ve been down before and I know how devastating it can be even though I had a lot of support. There are many who have been forgotten and it is time to lift them up and give them hope".

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