Open Letter: Team USA’s Ivan Tedesco says thanks to his fans and sponsors

Open Letter: Team USA’s Ivan Tedesco says thanks to his fans and sponsors

October 8, 2009

I wanted to send out a quick message to the many motocross fans in
this country to thank them for all of their support with Team USA. I
feel so lucky to have had three opportunities to attend the Motocross of
Nations as a member of Team USA and while I may not have been the first
choice each time, I am extremely thankful to have been chosen and of
course I am very proud that we won all three times!

I want to send special thanks to all of my sponsors and especially to
Honda Red Bull Racing. My contract with Honda actually ended before the
Motocross of Nations in Italy. Team Honda Red Bull Racing did not
hesitate to offer to support me through the event and continued to test
with me just like normal, from the last AMA Motocross race at Steel City
through this past weekend. Honda shipped my bikes and sent a full staff
to Italy to support me in my efforts with Team USA, and they even
offered to help me attend the U.S. Open of Supercross this weekend in
Las Vegas.

My head has been spinning lately, trying to get things together for
next season and beyond. Between the trip to Italy and the uncertainty of
my future, I have decided to take this weekend off to get focused on my
future. I am hopeful to have things figured out very quickly and look
forward to preparing for a full season of racing in 2010.

Thanks again to my sponsors: Team Honda Red Bull Racing, Fox Racing, DVS
Shoes and Oakley. And special thanks to my crew, Dr G., Johnny O’Mara,
Big Rick Carmichael, Frankie, Beeker, and Scott Taylor, and most
Importantly thanks to my family and the fans!