Pastrana / Cianciarulo / Anderson / Mays / Cryster on DMXS Tonight

Travis Pastrana is still finding ways to surprise us even after all the years and a seemingly unsurpassable list of accomplishments. Travis will compete in five X-Games events this summer, which is of course a record on its own merit, as he continues to add to his already legendary status. He may be the most popular action sports star on the planet, but he always has time for his DMXS Radio crew and we'll talk about X and more tonight.

It's almost time for the annual pilgrimage of the best amateur riders as they descend on the legendary Loretta Lynn's ranch in beautiful Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, for the 29th AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by our friends at Amsoil. The hallowed motocross proving grounds are ready to test the skill and endurance of every class and age of rider that survived the grueling process to qualify for the most coveted amateur race in the world. We have been fortunate enough to be a part of this event for many years and look forward to our annual MX vacation which is just a few days away. We'll break down the classes and week of racing on our Vurb Moto Loretta Lynn's Spectacular Motocrossalooza with a few special guests tonight.

There hasn't been as much anticipation for an amateur rider moving up through the ranks for several years, and if you've seen him ride or race, then you know the foreshadowing is certainly deserved. Minibike sensation Adam Cianciarulo may come in a small package, but he will absolutely shred a track or anyone that doubts his destiny. AC will check in with us on his way to Ponca tonight.

Jason Anderson is now a Team Green rider after a bizarre turn of events last summer that had him leaving KTM on short notice. He's never looked back and is one of the top pro prospects coming out of Loretta's this year. We'll see what his plans are for the rest of the summer and see if he has any idea where he'll land for 2011.

Brandon Mays showed up and killed it at his qualifier after some had assumed he had given up riding for a budding rapping career. He'll be at the ranch this year trying to reclaim some lost glory, and there are even some rumors that he might already have a ride lined up in the near future. Brandon's a great kid and was the victim of one of the cruelest DMXS prank calls of all time, but he's a good sport and we're glad to have him back on.

Racer X Virtual Trainer's Tim Cryster is on his way to California for the Laguna race but will use his cellular device to contact us about all the fun and goodies they have planned for Loretta's, including some ultra macho Concept 2 rowing challenges that will test even the buffest participants. Look for fitness gurus Tim, Robb Beams, and Concept 2's Greg Hammond at Loretta Lynn's this year on vendor's row. Stop by for some info, back rubs, funnel cakes, and fried Twinkies. You can check out Tim's site at for more info and tips.

Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST