Pastrana/Windham/Rick Johnson/Emig/Weimer/WWR on DMXS Radio

If they sold stock for doing cool, badass things, Travis Pastrana would be like Warren Buffet. Between World Rally Championship racing, Baja 1000, and jumping out of planes with no chute, he has been busy, but our old friend will take a break from conquering the world to join us tonight.

Don’t count out Factory Connection/Torco Racing Fuel’s Kevin Windham on your little bench racing sessions this year. There is not a smoother rider on the planet and he showed that on the slick, fast Phoenix track. With their team starting to come together, look for K-Dub to be a regular on the podium. There were a lot of riders that failed to qualify for Anaheim 1, but Jake “Oscar Mayer” Weimer was the only one to back it up with a win the following week. The loveable Torco Racing Fuels Honda big-game hunter will join us with his take on the awesome battle in the AMA Supercross Lites race that literally came down to the last corner.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross is stepping into a time machine set for 1986 this weekend for the much-anticipated Anaheim 2 Retro race. David Bailey and Rick Johnson were obviously part of that epic battle so it made perfect sense to have their input in designing the track for the throwback weekend. Fans and riders alike are ready to roll back the clock and live in the decade of excess if only for one night. RJ will join us with the latest details on the track design and if he plans on wearing anything acid-washed or florescent to the race.

SPEED’s Jeff Emig might throw trade in his “Fro” for a “Mullet” if he dresses the part while calling the retro race from the booth. Fro has been doing a great job behind the camera and will give us his unique perspective of the racing so far.

WWR is back and we will be joined by Mark Kvamme, Daniel Blair, Scott Kandel, and Kevin Urquhart. Kevin was involved in a horrible crash that left him with a severely broken femur last weekend. We will get an update on him and how the team has done thus far. Check out for the latest auctions and team news.

All 1980s music tonight, so everybody break out the big hair!

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