Phil Nicoletti’s gear setup is uniquely his. The AutoTrader.com/Monster Energy/Toyota/JGRMX/Suzuki is supported by a number of brands that focus on producing high-end apparel without breaking the bank, and that’s something that rings true to Filthy Phil’s thrifty ways. We reached out to friends at 6D, SCOTT, Moose Racing, Ossur, and SiDi to learn more about Nicoletti’s gear.

6D ATR-1

The 6D ATR-1 helmet is new for 2017, a deal that Nicoletti inked in the offseason. Nicoletti like the snug fit of the size small lid, which includes the revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension developed by the helmet brand to combat impacts to the head in crashes. Nicoletti will run “off the shelf” graphics from 6D this season because aside from a few personal stickers, like NFAB truck parts and @badnewsphil, there are no major brands like an energy drink that require special paint and prominent logos on the shell.

SCOTT Prospect

SCOTT Sports is a major sponsor of the JGRMX team and for 2017, their riders have the option to run any goggle from their product line. Nicoletti prefers the high-end Prospect frame that was released late last year, which features a massive lens that is kept in place by SCOTT’s “lens lock” system. For stadium Supercross races, a standard clear lens is installed into the frame and loaded with stacks of laminated tear-offs.


The weather is often a determining factor in the line of Moose Racing apparel worn by Nicoletti at a particular race. For the cooler temperatures of the Supercross season, the M-1 is the preferred shirt as the traditional construction of the four-way polyester weave prevents excessive airflow from reaching his body. The open weave of the Sahara jersey is the standard option during the hotter rounds, like the outdoors Nationals, when the added airflow is much appreciated. The cut of the M1 and Sahara jerseys are trim and athletic without being tight or restrictive, and Nicoletti wears a large from either line.

Since the JGRMX team receives support from endemic and non-endemic brands to motocross (Monster Energy, Toyota, Wienerschnitzel, AutoTrader.com, etc) Moose strategic places iron-on logos to the sleeves, front panel, and rear panel of the jersey. Aside from these additions, there are no alternations made to Nicoletti’s jerseys.

Moose recently started making special edition gear for Nicoletti, like the red/white/blue kit worn at the RedBud round and the Yankee-inspired design at the Unadilla stop in New York. Interestingly enough, Nicoletti does not like green or orange colorways.


Like many riders, Nicoletti likes a non-restrictive glove. Moose Racing has two lines that fit the bill, with the pull-on style of the MX2 or the “hook and loop” closure of the SX1. Both gloves feature a single layer Clarino palm that does not bunch up on the grip.

SIZE | 30

Like the jersey, weather at a particular rounds plays a part in the pants used by Nicoletti. Cooler days often mean the M1 pant is worn, and hotter days bring out the Sahara kit, but a size 30 is worn in either option. Both pants feature full grain leather panels in the knees for improved grip on the motorcycle and resistance to heat.

Nicoletti’s pants are straight from the company’s catalog, as the “hook and loop” adjustment option on the hip, the ratchet belt on the front, and YKK lock-out zipper fly allows the fit to be perfected without further work by a tailor or seamstress.

Before the pants are given to Nicoletti, apdesigns installs additional logos for Suzuki and NFAB to the back portions of the legs.


Hidden underneath Nicoletti’s pants is a set of CTi knee braces, the “original” knee brace developed by skier and motocross rider Jim Castillo in the 1980s. Although the design and elements of the CTi units have stayed the same for years, it is now owned by European prosthetics brand Ossur. The braces are custom made to fit Nicoletti’s legs and Wienerschnitzel’s colors and logos are added by the in-house paint department.

SIZE | 9.5 (43 European)

Midway through 2016 Nicoletti signed a deal to wear Sidi boots and he currently uses the company’s high-end Crossfire 3 SR line. The boot is more than just an updated 2 SR because it features an all-new sole, inner boot gaiter, and shaped heel. In typical SiDi fashion, the multiple pieces of the boot are held together by screws and can be replaced when damaged or broken.