Photo of the Day | August 21st 2017

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In between races, we took some time to browse our hard drives and look at photos taken throughout the year. We’ll highlight each shot in a daily post, with the image sized to fit your computer screen or smartphone and described with a small backstory…

Last week, I took a trip to McCleary, Washington, to visit Ryan Villopoto as he conducted his RV MX Summer Camp at Greys Harbor ORV, a track that he runs alongside partner Brent Davis. During his career, Villopoto was known as one of the most serious, hardest-working riders in the sport, and the result was a sometimes rough exterior. “Why were you such a dick when you were racing?” I joked with him, in between lessons. “I took my job very seriously,” he answered. “I wasn’t at the races to make jokes.” Point taken. Riders who were on hand for RV’s riding camp were treated to a peek at the real Ryan Villopoto: the one who smiles often and makes plenty of jokes. In addition to gaining knowledge offered by the former motocross and Supercross champion, campers also benefited from advice offered up by former Supercross and Motocross champion Ivan Tedesco and former Supercross champion Jake Weimer, among others. Stay tuned to for a huge photo gallery and more from the RV MX Summer Camp in the following days, but for now here is one of my favorite photos that I snapped during my time at Greys Harbor. After the school was officially concluded, I caught this youngster out on the track, enjoying a few laps on his own.

Photographer | Donn Maeda
Camera | Canon EOS1d-X
Lens | Canon Ultrasonic L 70-200mm f2.8
Shutter Speed | 1/1600th
Aperture | f4.5
ISO | 1000
Flash | Not Used