Pitster Pro announces $10,000 contingency for Masters of Mini Series

Maxxis Presents the Transworld Masters of Mini is blown away to announce that Pitster Pro has pledged a $10,000 Cash Contingency for all Pitster Pro Riders in the 2008 MoM series.

Like so many MoM supporters before, Pitster Pro is returning in a big way to help grow this Northeast Series. Last season many New Englanders showed their support for Pitster by buying and racing their bikes in the MoM Series, now Pitster is giving back.

“Pitster has really backed us from the beginning. 2008 will mark their third season with our tour and we couldn’t be happier with what they have brought to the table this year. Pitster Pro riders in the Rockstar (Pro) classes will earn a cash contingency for each round that they land on the podium, and they even threw in $1000 bonus if a Pitster Pro rider wins the championship!” proclaimed MoM creator, Dave Olcott

Gary Goodwin, the marketing genius behind Pitster’s success commented on his decision to stick with MoM, “This is our third year we have been involved with the Masters of Mini and we are very excited to see the growth that has taken place. Transworld does a great job on this event and its great to see a magazine of there caliper standing behind the pit bike scene. We have many great Pitster Pro dealers and riders in the east who attend the Master of Minis series, and it is because of them that we offer the contingency program. Last year we had some top guys do very well and this year we hope to do even more! We will continue to offer contingency programs at major races like the Masters of Mini, Vegas and Texas etc. in hopes to support the guys that support us.”

Pitster is also looking forward to bringing its top riders to the series finale in December 2008 at Mototown, USA, as well as the rest of the series.

Look for more information on the MoM series to follow soon. Registration opens Monday June 2nd and the series opening round is at the annual Marshfield Fair in Massachusetts on Tuesday, August 19th.

Want to be a sponsor of the 2008 MoM series?
Contact: david.olcott@transworld.net