At the pinnacle of our sport, two-stroke motocross bikes have been reduced to sweet memories. The crisp bark of a finely tuned 125, the throaty growl of a clean-running 250, plumes of sweet-smelling blue smoke…we miss it all just as much as you do so we decided to do something about it! TransWorld Motocross assembled an all-star cast of motocross heroes, paired them with fine-tuned two-strokes, and turned them loose for a high definition flashback to the bygone era of mixing gas and hauling ass for Premix 2, the sequel to the best-selling 2015 original. The bikes are better, the speeds are higher, and the sound is even sweeter the second time around and if you are a motocross diehard, this is a movie not to be missed.

From Malcolm Stewart and Jeremy McGrath's hand-made aluminum-framed 250s, to Axell Hodges, Adam Cianciarulo and Stilez Robertson's beautifully restored Kawasakis from the 2000s, to the current KTMs and Yamahas of Alex Martin and Davi Millsaps; the machinery in Premix 2 ranges from one-off to old school to modern-day.

Whether you grew up on a two-stroke or still ride one, one thing is for sure: Premix 2 will make you want to go out and stretch some throttle cables. Braaap!

Premix 2 is proudly brought to you by TransWorld Motocross, Seven MX, Monster Energy, Maxima, O’Neal, Boyesen, Scott, Alpinestars, FMF, 100%, Wiseco Performance Products, Mika Metals, and Moto XXX, with music from Strung Out.

Coming December 5, 2017