Pro Circuit Now Carries TRIGA iBoost2

Pro Circuit Now Carries TRIGA iBoost2

TRIGA Engineering is a new innovative company from The Netherlands that uses state-of-the-art 3D software and top-level technical knowledge to engineer, develop and produce high performance fuel injection systems. Now available at Pro Circuit, TRIGA's iBoost2 is an off-the-shelf, easy to install throttle body enhancement kit that will give you more power and better throttle response.

Included in the kit:
Throttle Body Insert (TRIGA-TBI) Improves the volumetric efficiency of the engine by applied Pressure Wave Tuning (PWT). Up and down running pressure wave in the intake system is tuned to ensure the positive peak of the pressure wave is there when the intake valve opens. Using the TRIGA tubular insert will slightly reduce the overall flow area, which will allow enhanced speed over the valve while timing the pressure waves for low and mid-range power improvements. On the track, using the TRIGA butterfly valve will increase top-end power. The TRIGA tubular insert will utilize some of this extra power and distribute it over the entire rpm range.

TRIGA Butterfly Valves (TRIGA-TBV)
The flow-engineered butterfly valves and shaft are CNC precision machined from steel, which allows for less material use and optimal shape. Eliminates high-end flow loss by lowering flow restriction. Throttle control via the butterfly valve is known for its low-flow loss up to 75% of TPS. The high range flow is more restricted because the valve is still horizontally present. The TRIGA butterfly valve reduces the restriction in the throttle body, which decreases the overall pressure drop over the throttle body at full throttle. This results in higher velocity for improved fuel droplet breakup. This also improves the fuel-air mixture while allowing more air mass flow to enter the combustion chamber. More air, more fuel, more power.

On the track, using the TRIGA butterfly valve will increase top-end power. The TRIGA tubular insert will utilize some of this extra power and distribute it over the entire rpm range.

Additional Features:

  • 2 installation configurations
  • Option 1 can significantly increase horsepower in low, mid and top range
  • Option 2 can significantly increase horsepower in top range
  • Easy-to-use and install
  • Significant increase in torque and power throughout the power band
  • Throttle body insert improves the volumetric efficiency of the engine
  • Butterfly valve and shaft eliminates high-end flow loss by lowering flow restriction
  • Can be installed and uninstalled without damaging the OEM throttle body
  • Allows for significantly better throttle response
  • No service necessary after installation
  • Can be installed in a stock bike without changing the fuel mapping or tuning

Part Numbers and Pricing - TRIGA iBoost2

Part Number Description Retail Price
1740212 TRIGA IBOOST2 KXF450 2013 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740213 TRIGA IBOOST2 KXF250 2013 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740221 TRIGA IBOOST2 CRF250/450 2013 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740230 TRIGA IBOOST2 RMZ250 09-13 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740231 TRIGA IBOOST2 RMZ450 08-13 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740241 TRIGA IBOOST2 YZF450 10-13 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1740256 TRIGA IBOOST 2 KTM350/450 2013 THROTTLE BODY KIT $349.95
1790020 TRIGA TPS-TOOL $119.95

The TRIGA iBoost2 can be purchased here or at your local dealer. Click here to find a dealer near you. Please visit for more information on all Pro Circuit products.

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