Pro Circuit Riders Earn 15 Championships at Oak Hill!

CORONA, Calif., (March 12, 2012) – Pro Circuit riders made a huge presence at the 36th Annual International GNC Final at Oak Hill last week as they earned 15 championships and 37 overall podiums! Riders such as Adam Cianciarulo, Jessy Nelson, and Ethan Mann left their competition in the dust and proudly piloted their Pro Circuit supported machines into championship territory. Be on the lookout for Pro Circuit riders this week at the 2012 Thor MillCreek Spring Classic, an AMA championship!
Pro Circuit Rider Final Results:

125 2-stroke 12 & up Mod *CHAMPIONSHIP*
-1st Adam Cianciarulo

250 Open
-2nd Luke Clout

-1st Jessy Nelson
-2nd Justin Hill
-3rd Jeremy Martin

450 Nov Stk
-3rd Cody McDonough

-1st Jeremy Martin
-2nd Jessy Nelson
-3rd Colt Nichols

99-250F Schgirl 12-16 Mod 
-3rd Brandy Richards

-1st Tyler Enticknap

Supermini 2 85-150 14-16
-2nd Mark Worth

250 4-Stroke Mod non pro
-2nd Cooper Webb

-1st Jessy Nelson
-2nd Justin Hill

250 Nov Mod
-2nd Cody McDonough

250 Nov Stk
-3rd Cody McDonough

-1st Jessy Nelson
-2nd Jeremy Martin
-3rd Justin Hill

-1st Earl May

-1st Earl May

-1st Earl May

450 4-Stroke Mod non pro
-3rd Tyler Enticknap

65 7-11 Open
-3rd Carson Mumford

-1st Ethan Mann

65 7-9 Stk
-2nd Ethan Mann

85 12-13 Mod
-2nd Austin Forkner

85 12-13 Stk *CHAMPIONSHIP*
1st Austin Forkner

85 14-16 Stk
-3rd Jon Ames

85 7-11 Mod
-2nd Lance Kobusch

85 7-11 Stk
-3rd Carter Halpain

85 7-16 Open *CHAMPIONSHIP*
-1st Austin Forkner

99-250F Schboy 12-16 Mod *CHAMPIONSHIP*
-1st Cooper Webb

99-250F Schboy 12-16 Stk *CHAMPIONSHIP*
-1st Cooper Webb

Supermini 1 85-150 thru 16 *CHAMPIONSHIP*
-1st Adam Cianciarulo

Women 99-250F non pro
-2nd Brandy Richards

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Created by former desert racer Mitch Payton, Pro Circuit proves its products and services week-in and week-out through its tagline "We Race." Every product that dons the Pro Circuit stamp stems from the legendary Pro Circuit race team. A staple in the professional paddock, Pro Circuit Racing has earned 28 AMA championships and more than 200 race wins in more than 30 years of competition.

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