Bill’s Pipes RE13 Full System
Price: $895.99
Application: 2016-17 Honda CRF250R

What It Is

Bill’s Pipes is known for producing high-quality aftermarket exhaust systems with real, usable power gains. The 2016-17 Honda CRF250R has great low-end power in stock condition, but past that, it leaves plenty to be desired as its mid-range is average and top-end pull lacking. The Bill’s Pipes RE13 system boasts a stainless steel header and mid-pipe, aluminum mufflers, and carbon fiber end caps. The crew at Bill’s Pipes targeted improved mid-range and top-end power, while at the same time maintaining the great low-end roll on that the CRF250R enjoys.


– The Bill’s Pipes system installs perfectly with no jiggling required.

– The dual mufflers are tucked in well and protected from crash damage.

– A deeper, throatier exhaust note replaces the muffled, choked-up wheeze of the stock system.

– The system – in spite of being constructed of stainless steel and aluminum – weighs 1.5 pounds less than stock.

– Power is actually boosted a little down low, and the Honda enjoys even better roll-on power.

– Mid-range power is noticeably improved, and the CRF250R seems to rev freer and more quickly.

– Top-end pull actually exists now! Though the bike does not pull as hard up top as the KTM 250 SX-F or Yamaha YZ250F, it is much better than with the OEM system installed.


– As is the case with all stainless steel systems, you should be sure to lube the header and mid-pipe junction with anti-seize to prevent the pipes becoming stuck together and difficult to separate.

The Verdict

The Honda CRF250R is a great machine with excellent suspension and handling characteristics. With the Bill’s Pipes RE13 system installed, it also has a great powerband, to match.