Product Report | CCR Sport ProTrack Motorcycle Transport System

Price: $199.95

The Details

The Pro Track Motorcycle Transport Kit is the most versatile system on the market for transporting motorcycles in the bed of pickup trucks. Our innovative, American Made design allows you the flexibility of positioning your motorcycles to any location for safe, simple and secure transport.


How It Works

The heavy-duty aluminum track allows you to add components like wheel chocks, tie down loops, bike mounts and much more. Simply place the component where you like on the track and lock it down with the supplied wrench. The components can literally be installed, relocated and removed in seconds and are secure from theft. Whether you’re transporting one motorcycle or three, you have the versatility to position them however you like. It’s just that easy!


  • 6061 aircraft grade extruded aluminum track that is clear anodized for extreme durability.
  • X-Nut fastening system for quick and easy installation. The X-Nut allows all installation to be done directly into the bed wall without having to access between the bed and the cab.
  • Components are manufactured from high-grade steel alloy and are Zink plated and powder coated for an attractive, long lasting finish.

Don’t be fooled by copycat products: the CCR Sport Bed Buddy and ProTrack can’t be beat.


  • (1) ProTrack
  • (2) ProTrack MC Wheel Chocks.
  • (3) ProTrack Tie Down Loops.
  • (1) ProTrack X-Nut Installation Kit.
  • Additional components can be purchased separately.


NOTE:  Listed below are rack size suggestions for vehicle types. Please measure your truck, van or trailer before ordering to ensure that you order the correct size for your application, as vehicle design and configurations do vary at times.  Contact us anytime for assistance.

  • FULL SIZE TRUCK 60″ – Chevy Silverado/GMC 1500/2500/3500, Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500, Ford F-150/250/350, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra
  • MID SIZE TRUCK 57″ – Most Dodge Dakota, Ford F150, Toyota Tacoma
  • COMPACT TRUCK 53.75″ – Chevy S10, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier and others.


Hauling three bikes? No problem. This spacer can be mounted in the center of the bar, so the middle bike can be staggered.

What We Think

Over the past decade and a half, every truck that we have owned has had a CCR Sport Bed Buddy bolted up inside the bed. Protecting the front portion of your bed is important, as tying down a motorcycle can cause the flimsy front panel to bow forward and come into contact with your cab. This is no good, as it not only scratches up the paint on your truck cab, but it can make a heck of a racket as you drive down the highway! Furthermore, the CCR Sport brace keeps your front wheel secure and gives you a place to mount your tie-downs. The stock hooks on most trucks are mounted down low and are hard to get to, and having them up at the top of the truck bed offers better leverage and accessibility. The stock rail system that comes on Toyotas – well, to be honest – sucks. If you trust your $10,000 dirt bike to that wimpy sheet metal rail, well…you’re braver than we are.

The latest CCR Sport invention – the ProTrack – is awesome. It’s a nice update on a tried and true design and it offers a ton of versatility. We’re on oure second ProTrack, and have nothing but praise for its function, looks, and durability!


You can mount the wheel chocks anywhere you’d like across the rail.


The tie down anchors are super sturdy and easy to access.


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