The next time you are getting into your truck, take a look at the front of the bed. If you haul a dirt bike, we’re betting that the front of your truck’s bed is bowed forward, towards the cab. Sadly, truck beds these days are not as sturdy as they used to be, and the pressure from your front tire being cranked forward into the bed can do some serious damage over time. We’ve seen some truck beds bent so badly that they actually come into contact with the cab, wearing the paint off and cause quite a commotion inside the cab as the truck rolls down the road.

CCR Sport is a company that specializes in dirt bike hauling products. Makers of the original Bed Buddy, CCR Sport has taken the concept one step further with a super-trick adjustable aluminum version dubbed the ProTrackThe 6061 extruded aluminum track allows you to add and adjust any number of accessories to it, including wheel chocks to keep your bike’s front wheel in place, tie down loops, and even bicycle mounts.


Back in the 90s when there weren’t too many legal places to ride, my buddies and I would ride at pirate tracks in the hills. Getting to them often involved long drives down bumpy roads, and almost every time, the front wheel of my bike would slide sideways, sending my bike crashing down in the bed. Mind you, this was back in the two-stroke days, and I smashed more than one aftermarket exhaust pipe, just driving into the track. The wheel chocks on the CCR Sport Pro Track keep your front tire nice and secure, so you can bomb through driveway dips and down dirt roads with confidence. If you’ve never had a tie down mount in the center of your bed, you’re surely missing out. With tie downs mounted in the center of the bed, there’s no crossing the front tire of a second bike beneath the tie down that’s holding bike #1 in place.


The wheel chocks and tie down mounts can be moved and locked down anywhere you’d like, and you can add many more than the supplied pair of chocks and three tie down mounts. We have always had a CCR Sport Bed Buddy in all of our TransWorld Motocross trucks and never thought they could be improved upon, but we were wrong. The $229.95 CCR Sport Pro Track is a must-have for anyone who drives a truck and rides on a regular basis.