Product Report | Torc1 Attack Handlebar

Quality at an Economy Price


Product Report

Torc1 Racing Attack Handlebar

Price: $64.99

What It Is

Torc1 Racing specializes in bolt-on control parts like clutch and brake levers, shifters, and foot pegs, but recently it debuted the oversized Attack Handlebar. Made of 4-mm 7000 series aluminum, the Attack Handlebar has a 1 1/8-inch clamping surface, a shot-peened finish, laser-etched alignment marks, and knurling on the left side for positive grip application. We chose the Showtime bend, which is similar to the McGrath bend in all other brands. It has a low profile with minimal sweep.


The Torc1 Attack Handlebar features the same high quality of construction and materials as the most popular handlebar brands in motocross.

Ride quality is excellent with a precise feel for optimum control yet great vibration and impact dampening at the grips.

The Kdub, RV, Showtime, and RC bends are the four most popular in motocross.

The bars are compliant yet strong and resilient against crash damage.

As do many 1 1/8″ oversized bars, the Attack bar has a solid, precise feel, without being overly stiff, which can cause arm pump.


Black is cool, but it'd be nice to have at least one other color option.

The Verdict

We'll admit that we're brand-name snobs when it comes to handlebars, but we've been completely stoked on the performance, durability, and feel of the Torc1 Attack Handlebar. The Torc1 Racing Attack Handlebar offers premium performance at a more affordable price.