2010 PMF Fantasy SX Champions!

After 17 Rounds and 54 prize winners, only a select few rose to the top to become the 2010 ProMotoFan.com Fantasy SX Champions!
With the exclusive PMF/DeCal Works Championship #1 Plate in hand, these proud competitors have also earned the title of greatest ProMotoFan in the world, and all the bragging rights that go with it.
ProMotoFan.com congratulates these bench racing warriors on a very hard fought battle and successful 2010 Fantasy Supercross Series. Additionally, we would like to thank all ProMotoFan's who competed week in and week out. Remember, there's always Motocross and next year!
Thank you to all of our 2010 SX sponsors who ultimately make bench racing possible for the fans. DeCal Works, Fly Racing, Smooth Industries, O'Neal, Mechanix Wear, Fuel Clothing, Warthog Racing, Pit Posse Motorsports, MotocrossGiant.com, MadRacingMX.


SX Series Champion: Jerry Lee – Jonesboro, AR. "Thanks for the chance to win the best fantasy league in motocross! Get ready, I am coming for the outdoors!"

SX 450 Champion: Ashley Green – Brandon, MS. "I can't say enough good things about ProMotoFan.com. You have found a way to make SX/MX interactive for us fans. My Son and I have a great time making our picks every week and pulling for our favorites."

SX 250 West Champion: Dale McNeill – Austin, TX. "A special thanks to everyone at ProMotoFan.com. This is the first time I have ever played any fantasy game, and I am hooked! That #1 Plate will be the center piece of my garage!"

SX 250 East Champion: Jerry Lee – Jonesboro, AR. "Thank you for the opportunity to have a great time following the best sport in the world."

SX 250 East/West Shootout Champion: Harvey Holcombe – Locust Grove, VA. "Thanks for a great game!"

2010 PMF Fantasy MX Series presented by MotocrossGiant.com is now open for registration.

Have fun, compete and win great prizes including the Perfect Card by DeCal Works for $50.000!
Please visit ProMotoFan.com and Get in the Race!
About ProMotoFan.com: The Premier Fantasy Racing Series of Pro Motocross and Supercross in the United States. Dedicated to providing fans, industry and fellow racers a unique opportunity to support privateers and the sport through fun and engaging competition resulting in prizes and championships made possible by industry leading companies such as DeCal Works, MotocrossGiant.com, KTM, Mechanix Wear, Pit Posse Motorsports, Fuel Clothing, Fly Racing, and Scott USA.