With one glance at the sport from 2006 to now, it’s clear to see how much tighter the purse strings are. Yamaha has pulled their factory team and instead divides support to smaller satellite efforts, there are fewer non-endemic companies spending money in the industry, and more riders are going the privateer route. One racer footing the bill for his career is Weston Peick. The Wildomar, CA, racer has been a fixture to the sport for a handful of years and despite results both indoors and out, has never been aligned with a team for a permanent postion. Peick and his father, Lou, are funding the coming race season with help from their numerous sponsors and Weston’s overseas SX winnings, but the costs are still daunting. Members of a Southern California forum, proride.com, have banded together and donated $2000 to help with the cost of engine building and travel. Greg and Randy of ProRide sat down with Weston and talked about his career and the new “sponsorship.”