By Steve Matthes

Photos by Donn Maeda

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross rolled into the Big D this week or more specifically, Dallas Texas. It was the first time that the new Cowboys Stadium had hosted the series and the building lived up to its advance billing as even the jaded veterans were impressed by the facility. What wasn't so impressive though was the near freezing weather conditions that everyone had to put up with! Even though it was cold outside the temperature inside was hot as the Ryans (Dungey and Villopoto) each chased their first 450 championship down. On the east side, the 250 riders were just getting to their halfway point but would do it without third-place-in-the-series Dean Wilson of the Monster Energy Pro Circuit team. Wilson was hung up at customs with a work-visa issue and should be back next week.


250 Heat One

The holeshot went to Rockstar/Makita Suzuki's Austin Stroupe grabbed the holeshot and began to pull away. Behind him there was carnage as GECIO Honda's Brett Metcalfe and Motoconcepts Yamaha's Vince Friese were both knocked out in a first turn crash. Metcalfe's teammate, Justin Barcia, made some smooth moves early in the race to move into second. That would be as far as he would get as Stroupe won his fifth heat race of the year. Barcia finished second in a good ride and Ryan Sipes of Motoconcepts Yamaha captured third.

1. Austin Stroupe

2. Justin Barcia

3. Ryan Sipes

4. Darryn Durham

5. Matt Lemoine

6. Taylor Futrell

7. Justin Sipes

8. Jimmy Decotis

9. Les Smith


250 Heat Two

Monster Energy Pro Circuit's Christophe Pourcel, the series points leader, snuck inside of Wonder Warthogs Adam Chatfield and grabbed the holeshot in heat two. The Frenchman was never challenged again and although he did have a couple of self-induced bobbles. Behind him was a bit of a battle between Troy Adams and DNA Energy/Star Racing's Martin Davalos. Eventually Davalos passed Adams and went on to take the second spot in a much needed good ride. Headed to the LCQ were Valli Yamaha's Kyle Cunningham and Rockstar Suzuki's Blake Baggett.

1. Christophe Pourcel

2. Martin Davalos

3. Troy Adams

4. Jake Moss

5. Steve Clarke

6. Adam Chatfield

7. Michael Willard

8. Tyler Wharton

9. Levi Kilbarger

250 LCQ

The 250 LCQ shot of the line with Honda of Troy's Sean Lipanovich leading the pack around the first turn. GEICO Honda's Brett Metcalfe went down in the first turn and his chances for making the main looked to be kaput. Lipanovich had just made a mistake and allowed Blake Baggett and Kyle Cunningham by when the race was red-flagged due to's Lucas Crespi going down hard in the rhythm section.
On the re-start, of course Brett Metcalfe pulled the start that he needed and led wire to wire for the win and a last minute reprieve from the moto gods. Behind him were Baggett and Cunningham and that was your eventual finishing order as well. Cunningham would not make the main event but he would receive the Asterisk Medic card for his efforts.
1. Brett Metcalfe
2.  Blake Baggett


250 Main
The 20 man field came roaring down into the first turn with Austin Stroupe in the lead but he got hit from behind by Christophe Pourcel and with that, a chain reaction was caused with a good half the field down. Pourcel, Stroupe and many other top guys were down and taking advantage of that opportunity was Ryan Sipes, Jake Moss, Blake Baggett and Troy Adams. Those four broke away with Justin Barcia in tow and we were set up for a great main event.
Stroupe did well in coming from the back to get into the mix but out front Sipes was riding consistently and smart. Moss and Adams came together at the end of a rhythm section and both riders crashed. Moss looked to be seriously hurt as he ran off the track and Adams reentered near the back. With that it was Baggett chasing after Sipes, Barcia close behind them and Stroupe trying to close the gap up. Series leader Pourcel was buried in the back of the pack and not displaying his best form in coming through. Stroupe was looking good to take the points lead before suffering numerous crashes which dropped him back.
Sipes was up front for eighteen laps before running into lapped traffic and that opened the door for Baggett to move into the lead. There was no doubt that the lapper affected Sipes but that was all Baggett needed to collect his first ever 250 Supercross win. Sipes was second and Barcia was third.

1. Blake Baggett

2. Ryan Sipes

3. Justin Barcia

4. Martin Davalos

5. Austin Stroupe

6. Matthew Lemoine

7. Christophe Pourcel

8. Michael Willard

9. Taylor Futrell

10. Steve Clarke

11. Brett Metcalfe

12. Adam Chatfield

13. Tyler Wharton

14. Justin Sipes

15. Les Smith

16. James Decotis

17. Troy Adams

18. Jake Moss

19. Darryn Durham

20. Levi Kilbarger


450 Heat One

Ti-Lube Kawasaki's Nick Wey showed that, with or without works equipment, he can still pull the good starts as he took the heat one holeshot. Right behind him and then by him in the second turn was Honda Red Bull's Davi Millsaps and the #18 went wire to wire from there in grabbing the win. Behind him was a battle though as GEICO Honda's Kevin Windham moved into second and then promptly got passed again by Wey in a sweet move. KW was aiming to make a second try when he stalled it over the camelback. Once he fired it up again, Kevin's bad luck continued when he fell in the sand not ten seconds later. It would be the LCQ for the veteran from there. Wey and Motoconcepts Yamaha's Kyle Chisholm had a great battle for third with the returning Jason Lawrence close behind them.
1. Davi Millsaps
2. Josh Hill
3. Nick Wey
4. Kyle Chisholm
5. Jason Lawrence
6. Trey Canard
7. Ryan Morais
8. Jason Thomas
9. Ryan Clark


450 Heat Two
Monster Energy Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto charged hard into the first turn and came away with the start in 450 heat two. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki's Ryan Dungey made a smart move and took the lead right away in a nice display of riding. From there the two championships rivals matched each other lap for lap and finished one-two and also set up a nice main event. Behind those two was Ivan Tedesco and Justin Brayton going at it for fourth with Brayton making a mistake in the sand, which allowed IT9 to finish fourth. Rockstar Suzuki's Tommy Hahn had a good ride in coming from the back to end up in sixth behind new 450 rider, Kyle Regal.
1. Ryan Dungey
2. Ryan Villopoto
3. Ivan Tedesco
4. Justin Brayton
5. Kyle Regal
6. Tommy Hahn
7. Matt Boni
8. Michael Byrne
9. Heath Voss

450 LCQ
Kevin Windham was the big name in the LCQ and although he started fourth, it wasn't long before he moved past Chris Blose and into the lead to take the nineteenth transfer spot to the main event. Rockstar/Hart and Huntington's Chris Blose finished second and the two main event staples barley made it in this week but at least they did. Weston Peick and Justin Keeny had a good battle for third with Weston eventually pulling it out.
1. Kevin Windham
2.  Chris Blose


450 Main
In the big boys main event it was Nick Wey with another holeshot but just like in the heat race, he was quickly passed by the second place rider, but this time it was Ryan Dungey. From there the kid from Minnesota rode a great race and pulled away with the win. It was a great performance from Dungey and he looks to be back on track for the championship. His main rival Villopoto didn't get the start that he needed and was back in the pack a ways. His opening laps certainly won't rank among his best as he tried to get himself sorted out with the traffic and rode a bit tentative.
Behind Dungey, it was Josh Hill tucking into second and Millsaps right behind him. Those three led the way for a few laps before Millsaps got by on lap four by sticking it in the inside. It was a great ride by Millsaps and he chased after Dungey. Behind him Muscle Milk/JGR Yamaha's Justin Brayton tried to stick it in a few times on Hill but couldn't make it stick. Soon he had his own problems with Villopoto and those two waged a war for a few laps.
In the back of the pack, Rockstar/Hart & Huntington's Matt Boni went down and lost a whole bunch of positions as did Ivan Tedesco and Kyle Regal who came together with Nick Wey and took all three riders down. Tedesco would get up near the back and Regal was never able to get his YZ450F restarted and was forced to DNF.
Honda's wonder kid and the injured Andrew Short's replacement, Trey Canard riding great and snuck up on his teammate Millsaps. Those two stuck were stuck together like glue but in the end, Canard was unable to attempt a real pass and would have to settle for third in the race.
Ryan Dungey is your Dallas Supercross winner and with that opens up a 24-point lead on Ryan Villopoto in the championship hunt. Millsaps was second and Canard third.

1. Ryan Dungey

2. Davi Millsaps

3. Trey Canard

4. Ryan Villopoto

5. Justin Brayton

6. Josh HIll

7. Kevin Windham

8. Kyle Chisolm

9. Jason Lawrence

1o. Tommy Hahn

11. Michael Byrne

12. Nick Wey

13. Ivan Tedesco

14. Chris Blose

15. Heath Voss

16. Jason Thomas

17. Ryan Clark

18. Matt Boni

19. Ryan Morais

20. Kyle Regal